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Want to travel to Cabo Verde on holidays or on business? Here you can find services and all the information that you will need
Forms and services for travelers

Fill out the form required for your trip or schedule your test online


Access the official website, find out more information and follow the situation of COVID-19 in Cape Verde

Travel Guide

Help guide for a better travel experience during the pandemic

1. Register and pay the airport fee

Go to page, register and pay the airport fee. You can also ask your travel agency to do it


2. Do a PCR or antigens test

Contact the Public Health Authority within 72 / 48h hours to make the necessary arrangements


3. Fill out the health monitoring form

Find forms above for international and domestic flights. Fill the form before you get to ghe airport


4. COVID Certificate

In order to be allowed to check-in you'll have to present the valid COVID certificate or test you took with negative result for covid-19


5. Reservation or Hotel Name

Where you will be hosted during your stay

Download the travel guide

Click here and download the travelers guide PDF and have access to more information

Test Locations​

Visitors who need to perform tests should contact the Public Health Authority within 72 / 48h hours to make the necessary arrangements.
RT-PCR or antigens tests are available on the following islands:

*Grant access to your geolocation to find places near you, you can also:

Book your test online  here

Observations and recommendations​

For safe travel, follow the instructions

Health insurance and travel assistance

Visitors are advised to take out health insurance and travel assistance, which includes medical care for Covid-19.

Body Temperature

Upon arrival in Cabo Verde, your body temperature is checked.

In case of fever, cough or shortness of breath

If it is higher than 37.5oC, you will be sent to an isolated room at the airport for further evaluation.

While staying within the national territory,foreign visitors must, like nationals and residents, follow the rules, at all the times, instructions, health and safety measures in force in the country, as well as the instructions of the authorities.

At Ports or Airports​

Follow the instructions of the authorities or travel agent

QR Code or Filled Form

You must show show the QR Code or filled paper form at the health control

Social Distance

Always mantain the minimum social distance of a meter and a half stipulated by law.

Disinfect your hands

Frequently and avoid touching handrails, countertops or other surfaces

Face Mask

Always keep yout protective face mask on. Its use is mandatory by law


Frequently Asked Questions

If I have any doubts or need assistance during my stay, who should I contact?
In case you have any questions please dial 800 11 12 or go to the following website.
Are all hotels certified and prepared to safely accommodate tourists?
All hotels as well as airports, transfers, taxis, restaurants, banks and all services related to tourism...
How long before the trip should the test be done?
It is recommended to do the test within 72 hours before your trip.  
Where, in Cabo Verde, can I do the PCR test?
The test can be done in every Island part of the country. An appointment can be booked directly in this...
How much does the PCR test cost?
The test costs six thousand five hundred escudos, so approximately 59€.